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Cooperation of two powerhouses – CNTOP and M&R launch new product
Author:CntopFrom:CntopDate:2017-02-17 10:21:33View:Loading...

On February 16, FESPA Asia 2017, held in Thailand has carried out a second day; the day exhibition is more crowded than the day before. People at the venue experience new technologies and products from equipment manufacturers from around the world. The joint booth hosted by M&R and Shenzhen CNTOP is particularly different. Victory One ® has attracted and impressed more and more visiting customers, one day after the attention and recognition from Thai government leaders (member of the Thai Cabinet, Vice-Minister of Commerce) , as well as M&R’s brand name. Staff here is busy working on the details of preparation--soon, Victoy One ® will begin its official launch.

Victory One ® has inherited the great genes of Shenzhen CNTOP and M&R, the world's largest screen printing equipment manufacturer. The iconic blue of M&R and the poised and concise CNTOP logo can be clearly seen on it. This is the joint release of an automatic oval printing machine, combining the unique technical advantages of CNTOP on oval printer and tremendous amount of time and effort that M&R has put into.

At 12:30 the conference room has been packed, and we can see people of different colors and races are sitting together, talking to each other or anxiously waiting, all for the official introduction of this product and the expectation and growth this cooperation between two parties will bring. The pleasant climate in February in Thailand, and the proper air temperature and humidity, are all comfortable enough for people to enjoy the short period of time before the conference begins.

At 1:00 pm, the news conference starts with lights flashing and a big round of applause. First Mr. David Blake, Director of M&R International Sales, makes a brief opening statement. He has known in depth about the Victory One ® project, so gives detailed introduction on the meaning of the cooperation between M&R and CNTOP, as well as analysis of the targeting field of Victory One ® in the global market.

When the topic is directed to CNTOP and its parent company, Han Glory Group, Mr. Wu Jie, the marking manager, happily takes the stage. A State-level high-tech enterprise, Han Glory Group is a young and vigorous cooperation with a lot of highlights worth mentioning. The introduction covers topic from corporate’s key cultures to the industrial fields it dominates, and the advantages and competitive edges of each subsidiary company, as well as the leading strength of the R&D department and manufacturing capability. The proud line of products and the valuable partners and client resource also greatly impress the visitors. Han Glory is located in Shenzhen, so its success is a good example of this city’s remarkable features: vigor, creativity and high-speed growth.

Big events attract big figures. In the news conference, Caldera, vendor of industry-leading image software RIP with twenty-five years of color management experience, shows up and witnesses the launch of Victory One®. After learning the strength of Han Glory’s R&D and manufacturing capability, and compliments from M&R with their experience working together with CNTOP, Mr. Joseph Mergui, CEO and President of Caldera, offers his warmest congratulations and appreciation for the joint launch of this revolutionary product, with high expectation for the future cooperation among Han Glory, M&R and Coldenhove Papier。RIP is a key component for the color management of digital printing, so Han Glory is very confident for continuous growth with the further development of the software.

Coldenhove Papier, mentioned above by Mr. Joseph Mergui, is a paper producing company of almost 300 years old, whose products and sales network have global coverage. Mr. Ramon Overdijk, Coldenhove Papier’s sales director, shares with visitors the good working relationship between his company and Homer Tech, another subsidiary company of Han Glory Group. He says he looks forward to the bright future of the cooperation between Coldenhove Papier and CNTOP.

Mr. Peter Walsh, the vice President of M&R, also shares the stories of M&R’s growth. Though it is already well known, people is still amazed by M&R’s powerful status as a standard maker in the printing industry. Mr. Peter Walsh comments that by working with CNTOP both parties benefit from the good relationship, progressing together by learning from each other. As mentioned by Mr. Rich Hoffman, former CEO and President of M&R, CNTOP is the perfect partner for the Victory One® project with the core design and manufacturing capability, as well as the credential of quality, performance and integrity.

Mr. Zhang Chao, director of International Sales of Han Glory, gives the summative speech at the end. He explains the process how both parties team up, from initiatives to the final handshake, and how we are going to further enhance this relationship to achieve more.

No success can be without appreciations. This great cooperation is first rooted on the trust both parties share, and supported by the valuable partners and customers including today’s visitors. Every step we progress is backed up by the strong support from customers.

An exciting news conference, with so many precious moments. “Aims high, Achieves more”. CNTOP is speeding on taking higher and higher marker shares in the field of garment printing. By creating more value for the customers, CNTOP is making its brand name.