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Videos from CNTOP customer, what an entertainment!
Author:CntopFrom:CntopDate:2018-04-19 09:36:39View:Loading...

In the impression of most people, the field of garment printing must be chaotic and messy.

Let’s not make the conclusion so fast, see the video from CNTOP South Korean customer first:

Is it a big surprise?

The overall garment printing seamless workflow , high efficient production mode only requires 2-3 operators. With the nice and clear factory, it is a wonder to achieve such amazing production process besides the pursuing of high printing quality.

All garment printing applications of this South Korean customer are from CNTOP and M&R company. From engraving screens to oval garment printing, then Hybrid solution from CNTOP, this customer is really a big fan of CNTOP.

This is a customer from Seoul, South Korea, company ran by Moon brothers. The story between Moon brothers, CNTOP and M&R starts from Jan, 2017.

At that time, they had 2 small shops close to Hongik University in Seoul. This university is famous of art and design majors all over the country. Moon brothers provide Customized T-Shirts services for artists from the collage with Brother white ink machine. However, the Brother machines can’t satisfy their growing needs. Machine produced by M&R and CNTOP come to their recognition after detailed market investigation.

Jan, 2017, Moon brothers made up their mind to invest the M&R DS series digital printer (CNTOP D series) on ISS show. The bond between them and CNTOP began from there.8 months later, Moon brothers came to the CNTOP headquarter in Shenzhen, this is a big step on the cooperation between CNTOP and Moon brothers.

Oct, 2017, Moon brothers signed contract with M&R on the SGIA show in US, investing whole set of garment printing applications of “Oval” + “Digital”, including I-IMAGE (Digital engraver), DS-2000(CNTOP D10B digital printer), VictoryOne, Radicure D(dryer), Eco-Rinse, etc.

Moon brothers start learning and training for the machines from 0 after the installation on Feb, 2018. As the suppliers, CNTOP and M&R provided professional training service for them, now they are able to operate the equipments smoothly, their business also started to grow.




Radicure D


DS-2000(D10B)is a fully automatic digital garment printer, besides it, CNTOP and M&R developed DS-4000(D16), this is a type of fully automatic digital garment printer developed by CNTOP and M&R together with productivity up to 400pcs/hr, max resolution 600*1200DPI. It can work together with oval printers and provide high cost-effective solutions to customers.