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CNTOP has the high-profile performance in Shanghai Tex2019
Author:CntopFrom:CntopDate:2019-11-29 15:19:04View:Loading...

On November 28, ShanghaiTex 2019 was successfully conducted! This year's ShanghaiTex 2019 covers 9 exhibition halls,with the theme of "Smart Textile,Better Life", covering an area of more than 100000 squares meters,attracting more than 1200 exhibitors from nearly 20 countries and regions around the world, and comprehensively displaying the accumulated achievements,innovative technologies, industrial solutions and future development trends of the textile industry.

As one of the highlights of this exhibition, CNTOP, with its innovative technologies and achievements in the field of garment and cutting pieces printing, shinned in the show and attracted much attention, not only making CNTOP more influential and famous in the field of garment digital printing, but also opening up the market pattern of digital printing, providing customers with a broader space and market opportunities.

Leading the era of "personalized" digital printing

Digital printing does not need the complicated process likes platemaking and producing.It only needs to put pictures in the computer and set parameters to print. This greatly reduces the production time and makes possible for small orders and personalized customization. Digital printers can achieve anhydrous production,cooperate with the eco-ink, and realize the real "zero pollution" in the whole process of production. Importantly, the producing steps of digital printers are simple, and one person could complete the whole producing process,which greatly reduces the time and labor cost , and brings real commercial value to customers.

At this exhibition, as the industrial leading digital printing manufacturer and solution expert, CNTOP and Rival have attracted a lot of attention. Rival has brought the inkjet technology to a new level. It is characterized by continuous production of two pallets, white & color synchronous processing, simple process, high printing resolution,no need for screen-making, low energy consumption, no sewage and small floor area, and it can adapt to the market demands of high quality, personalization,small batch and multiple varieties which are popular in the printing industry,achieving more exquisite details, more vivid colors, faster printing and more environmental-friendly and stable production so as to reach the international standard for digital printing.

Innovation is the core value of CNTOP. In the next step, CNTOP will continue to make technological innovations in the process and optimize the software. Meanwhile it will create a more mature solution to direct printing of garments, to achieve new breakthroughs in technologies and solutions for customers to enter the DTG stage.

Always create maximum values for customers

Printing gives the world a more colorful and modern character. With the rapid development of digital technology, the printing technology for the garment has also embarked on the train of the times. This kind of change is the market's demand for development trends such as information, networking, personalization, rapid turnover, efficient logistics, inventory reduction, and green environmental protection.

“Always create ·value for customers” is the magic weapon for CNTOP to stand firm with the fierce market competition. As a practitioner of digital printing equipment innovation, CNTOP, with the concept of innovation, environmental protection and win-win cooperation, keeps the pace of innovation. From technology to application scenarios, it continuously improves and creates overall solutions to garments and cutting pieces that users really want. With the first-class technical strength, CNTOP has won a good reputation in the printing industry of the garment and cutting pieces.

At the same time,CNTOP creates a powerful service team, focusing on the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service quality of products, continuously strengthening the service ability, responding quickly to the problems encountered by customers in products and solutions around the world, and promoting its own continuous innovation and market expansion.