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CNTOP’s Rival Realizes Your Dream on Customized Garments
Author:CntopFrom:CntopDate:2020-02-22 17:04:40View:Loading...

Over the years, one by one, the seeds of innovation have been sown and germinated here, and "printing makers" have been sweating here to make their dreams come true.

FESPA Global Print Expo, the most influential and largest advertising exhibition in Europe at present, will be grandly held in Madrid, Spain from March 24th to 27th, 2020. By then, the latest technologies, products and innovations in digital painting, logo, image, screen printing, textile and other industries will once again shine on the world stage.

Nowadays, consumers are more and more like seeking for diversification and customization. What’s more, with the time goes by, the complexity of pattern is getting higher , the color is getting richer, the popular cycle is getting shorter, and the delivery time is getting faster. Based on the upgrading of printing market demand, CNTOP continuously promotes the optimization and upgrading of technology and products with digital ink-jet printing technology as the development source power. In FESPA 2020, we are highly recommend our DTG(Direct To Garment) machine--Rival to you, a dream machine for whether individual use, or for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Bright and Firm in Color, No Crack or Fade

Rich and vivid colors will make you surprised and it is a pleasure visual experience. Rival is equipped with gray scale industrial printheads, and superior the white and CMYK automatic separation effect, resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi. The garment is made with outstanding quality, and it is bright and firm in color, no crack or fade.

Stable and High-speed Customized Printing

With the continuous expansion of customized market, the traditional demand for large-scale printing is gradually reduced. More and more manufacturers begin to pursue small-scale orders, which has higher requirements on the performance and speed of printing equipment. Rival was designed in two pallets, having production alternately and having high speed. Alternately one-stop digital ink-jet, fully realize the personalized customization needs of users, fully save the intermediate links and improve production efficiency, making DTG changes from the mode of B2B(Business to Business) to M2C(Manufacturers to Consumer), and letting more upstream players of garment factories, printing factories or traders participate in it and release the new vitality of ready to wear customization Market. And as the market getting larger, demand for traditional large-scale printing getting decreasing, and more and more factories started chasing small-scale orders, which causes higher requirements for the performance and speed of the printing equipment.


ZERO Pollution, GREEN Generation

Rival uses environmental friendly pigment ink and produces "zero pollution" in the whole process. It is widely used in offices and small factories as well leads the environmental development of garment printing with newly technology.

Rival makes inkjet technology to a new level, achieving more exquisite details, more vivid colors and faster printing, and reaching the international standard of digital printing.

CNTOP invites you to join us. Welcome to FESPA ( hall 7 A100)!