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Automatic Oval Printing Machine With Digital Colors, the Hybrid series, are developed under our practical experience with hundreds of clients, integrating world-class R&D technology.

Product Description

  • 1. Grayscale industrial printheads employed promise efficient printing.
  • 2. Plentiful stations help to achieve the integration of different effects with digital printing.
  • 3. The oval machine ensures stability, convenient operation and high-precision registration.
  • 4. The digital printing machine adopts linear motor, promising efficiency, stability and accuracy.
  • 5. High-level printing software and ink supply control avoid the blocking of digital inkjet printheads.

Product Parameters

Specifications Of Digital System
Print Heads High Speed and High Resolution Industrial Print Heads Of 8-12 PCS
Max Printing Resolution 900 x 1200dpi
Printing Height 3-15mm
Max Printing Area 55x70(cm)
Ink Type Pigment
Ink Colors Cyan,Magenta,Black,Yellow
Belt Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning System
Moisturizing Type The Non-contact Moisturizing
Fabric Type Natural fibers,synthetic fibers,nylon,polyester etc.
RIP-Software Ergosoft,Wasatch,Neostampa,Caldera
Voltage/Power AC 380V / 2.0KW
Compressed Air 0.1m³/min,0.6MPA
Specifications Of Oval System
4S 6S 8S 10S 12S 14S 16S 18S 20S
Pallet Stationgs 22pcs 28pcs 34pcs 40pcs 46pcs 52pcs 58pcs 64pcs 70pcs
Printing Stationgs 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Printing Size 55x70(58x85)cm
Machine Length 888cm 1094cm 1300cm 1506cm 1712cm 1918cm 2124cm 2330cm 2536cm
Machine Width 420cm(Incude the digital printer)
Machine Height 190cm
Voltage/Power A380V/3.6KW A380V/4.4KW A380V/5.2KW A380V/6.0KW A380V/6.8KW A380V/7.6KW A380V/8.4KW A380V/9.2KW A380V/10.0KW

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