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On the basis of the Oval automatic printer, CNTOP developed the new model with solutions of bigger printing area, better quality and higher added value. Suitable for pigment paste, white rubber, oil based ink, high-density rubber, discharge, puff and other combination of applications.

Product Description

  • Big Screen Size for Full Garment Print
    Ultra-large 120 cm x 74 cm pallet with maximum printing area of up to 100 cm x 70 cm
    Special widened rack, higher durability and stability
    Integrated customized cylinder, wider adjustable range of regulating valve
    Whole series of upgraded accessories, easier and larger image printing
    Stronger but lighter honeycomb structure composite pallet

  • Ingenious Design & Construction
    Open body design, expandable in 6-station increments
    Flexible printhead configuration, tailored to different production requirement
    Integrated platform, reserved interfaces support various accessories
    Suspension bridge shaped printhead, solid structure
    Oval shape takes up less floor space, reduces dimension from plane to line

  • Exquisite Printing Quality
    Silk-grade registration, accuracy error ± 0.02 mm
    Platformed framework meets parallel production requirement
    Pipeline operation mode, perfectly matches various
    printing process (water-based ink, rubber, flocking, hi-density, discharge, puff, stone ink, cracking, etc.)
    Servo-driven printhead offers extra accuracy

  • Detail-oriented & User-friendly
    Pneumatic automatic frame lifting device
    Automatic frame locking, more convenient frame loading and unloading
    Upgraded guard rail, configured with sensitive sensor system
    Fast rack loading and unloading, freely switch between garment and piece printing
    Better balance and stability with dual guide rails on printhead
    Intuitively monitor production with new visualized UI

Product Parameters

Specifications Of Oval System
Stations 22pcs 28pcs 34pcs 40pcs 46pcs 52pcs
Standard Model(Print-Flash-Cool) 6 Heads 8 Heads 10Heads 12 Heads 14 Heads 16 Heads
Printhead Quantity(Optional) 6-14 8-20 10-26 12-30 14-30 16-30
Image Area 100*70 cm (Pallets 120*74 cm)
Machine Length 1240 cm 1540 cm 1830 cm 2130 cm 2430 cm 2730 cm
Machine Width 420 cm
Machine Height 200 cm
Power Supply AC 380 V
Power Consumption 5.4-8.6 kW 6.2-11.0 kW 7.0-13.4 kW 7.8-15.0 kW 8.6-15.0 kW 9.4-15.0 kW
Air Pressure Specifications 0.6-0.8 MPa (must be dried and filtered)
Productivity 300-500 pcs/h

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