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Cntop digital provides professional and close technical advisory services, including full range of products consulting and technical advices,services,etc..

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Customer Service
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Handtop After-sales Service


Working Hours:8:30 am —17:30 pm (Beijing Time)

Telephone:(86-755)2302 8597

Customer Service Scope

Q: What kind of warranty does CNTOP provide?

A: Except for the consumables, the whole machine has one year limited warranty and the circuit board one year warranty.

Q: How to acquire for service support?

A:Cntop is doing its best to provide timely and convenient service support for the customers,the contents of services including: before-sale technical counseling,field installation,operate technical training,application solution training and troubleshooting support,etc.You can gain service support from our distributors in your region.

Q:What are the field requirements for equipment installation?

A: CNTOP is doing its best to provide timely and convenient service support for our customers. The contents of services include: before-sale technical counseling, on-site installation, technical operation training, application solution training and troubleshooting support, etc. You can gain service support from our agents in your region.

1. The work area depends on the machines that our customers purchased.

2. The best air temperature range 20-30℃, and the air humidity 60﹪~80﹪RH/p>.

3. Cleaning air with less dust or pollutant.

4. The input power should be no less than 35A/220V, Elliptical machine 380V. The recommended minimum wire diameter for power line should be 6 mm2. The maximum grounding voltage should be no more than 3V. Detailed information should refer to the requirements of new machines and site.

Q: After buying CNTOP’s equipment, will there be any technician in charge of supporting onsite installation?

A: Yes, if the equipment is directly sold from CNTOP, we will arrange experienced technicians to support for the installation and collaboration when the machine arrives. If the device is sold by our agents, CNTOP will authorize them to send experienced engineers to support for the installation and collaboration when the machine arrives. Except for the situation that other agreement is made in the contract for the installation.

Q: After purchasing CNTOP’s machine, what kind of training could CNTOP provide?

A: CNTOP will provide 7 days’ free training on site. The training place can be in CNTOP or in places designated by customers where installation take place, this can all be predetermined by clients in the contract.